Hello, I’m

Shreyas Kishore

श्रेयस किशोर

Ideas + Rants

I’m a recent graduate from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where I completed my B.Sc. in Computer Engineering with a minor in Art & Design.

My research interests are in the areas of Computer Architecture, Machine Learning, Acoustics, and Open-Source Hardware Toolchains.

I’m passionate about Electronics Repair, Audio Engineering, Homelab (or personal workstations & servers), Typography, Product Design, and UI/UX design. Most of my projects reflect these interests.

I sometimes write about my findings and ideas on this website, and rather frequently rant here as well. Here are some of my favorites:

I’m also a huge dog lover, and I sometimes dogsit cute doggos. Here are some of those good bois:


This website is a work in progress. After procastinating for serveral months, I decided to take a break and start working on this website (and on the way, also update my web development knowledge with new tools in the Javascript ecosystem). This is my first time building an entire website from scratch, and it has been a fun programming experience — certainly more fun than dealing with most hardware workflows!

This website is built with Next.js, styled using Tailwind CSS, and animated using Framer Motion. Credit for the awesome typefaces goes to Florain Karsten Typefaces, Rasmus Andersson, and Indian Type Foundry. Source code for this website is available here.


I am a strong advocate for privacy. This website does not use any cookies. To keep count of page views (as a way to gauge interest on my site), I use a self-hosted instance of Umami. Umami does not collect any personally identifiable information and anonymizes all data.

Shreyas Kishore

Pronouns: he/him

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